I Come In Waves

The Prince Of Prince Street


Walter Debarr

Walter Debarr – “I Come In Waves” We’ve said before that’s it’s hard to take more than a few steps in this area without running head first into some kind of phenomenal talent. We meant it metaphorically, but then we met Walter. Walter literally lives 2 buildings down from us right here on Prince Street. Like anyone you see around regularly, Walter seemed like a nice guy, we’d tipped back a few beers at the local pub, and had some passing conversations, but then one night, at an open mic night, all of that changed when he walked onto the stage. Walter was born in Elkins, WV, but spent his formidable years in Greensboro, NC...

Highway Signs

Pass The Keys, Please


Mark Bates & WV Six

Mark Bates & WV Six – “Highway Signs” Mark Bates isn’t new to songwriting. As a matter of fact, he could be considered a pillar of the Mountain State’s musical culture. Born and raised in Hurricane, WV, Bates sought the bright lights of Nashville for a spell, and carved out his own notch on Music Row. It wasn’t long before the mountains of WV, and the distance from family, beckoned him home. His songs are less singles and more snapshots of the culture in the hills we West Virginians proudly call home. Mark’s stories are a candid reminder of the humanity and humble reality of our daily lives, while paying homage to the...


A Funk Rock Bag full of Classic Swag


Bennett Wales & The Relief

Our favorite Prince Street Sessions are the ones that start the night before, and man oh man was this one for the record books. Following an unbelievable performance at our favorite local music venue, Melody’s, the fine young gentleman of Bennett Wales & The Relief  found their way to the guest rooms, couches and basement floors of Jason’s house for a night of drinking, jamming, hanging, drinking and more drinking. And boy did we drink! Then the sun came up to a bag of biscuits and tub of coffee from WV staple Tudors Biscuit World provided by WhizzBangBAM management’s own Charlie Hatcher and the band rolled up their sleeping bags, wiped...

Chasing Chemicals

“Happy Matt Mullins Day”


Matt Mullins & The Bringdowns

“Their music is like the Beastie Boys meets John Prine” explained concert goer Jerika Jones about Matt Mullins & The Bringdowns. The intangibility of their genre is largely a testament to the storied musical history of the members. For the better part of 20 years Southern WV has been kept entertained by these four troubadours in any of their dozens of former ensembles, such as Matt’s tenure with The Boatmen. Drawing from their diversified musical interests and individual musical journeys, these four friends all agree that Matt Mullins & The Bringdowns are a force to be reckoned with. With a catalog of songs about rowdy women,...

Carry You Along

WV Indie Folk Rock


Parachute Brigade

The Parachute Brigade – “Carry You Along” Have you ever watched something develop so organically that you barely realized the impact of what was happening?  It’s hard to put into words really.  It’s the odd sensation you get experiencing something new for the...

Who I Am

Appalachian-Stained Folk Grass


Andrew Adkins

Appalachian-stained folk grass sounds like something that might be illegally sold at a string band festival camp, yet Andrew Adkins’ music somehow beautifully fits that moniker. The crew here at KITB has been following Andrew Adkins for close to 10 years. After stumbling into The V-Club in Huntington WV circa 2009 we found Andrew as the lead singer of his longtime project, The Wild Rumpus. The band was closing the night at an afterparty for the Old Crow Medicine Show concert at Harris Riverfront Park. After a night of dancing, drinking, and generally “actin-a-fool”, we left the V-Club with a keychain that read “I Heart WV” and a copy...

This Heaviness

Before The Flood


Clinton Scott

There are few harder working, pavement-thumping musicians in Southern West Virginia than Clinton Scott. If you are from the region and haven’t caught Clinton in any of his local haunts, you’re head’s been buried in the sand.  With years entertaining audiences – Clinton’s selection spans decades worth of fan favorites, and original numbers such as “This Heaviness”. Clinton’s unique voice and take on classic covers has made him a crowd favorite at venues of every size across the region. If you are a musician who lives within a 20mi. radius of Beckley, WV – you’ve probably seen Clinton Scott behind the...

Angry Blood

New Kid In Town


Will Jones

Who? Will Jones. Who? Will Jones. Will Jones may be young, but he has an impressive musical resume.  Some might consider Will bluegrass royalty.  Will was a member of The Cana Ramblers – an infamous family bluegrass band hailing from Cana, Virginia.  He was writing and recording his own material before most kids his age could ride without training wheels.  The Cana Ramblers’ most recognized album, No Expectations, features a song Will composed at age 12 – Cash’s Last Ride – about performing for singer Johnny Cash’s final appearance at the Carter Fold in 2003. Since Will was a young boy he’s performed bluegrass music...

Mark On A Map

Everything But The Kitchen Sink


Rock Bottom String Band

Hailing from Marcos, Texas, Rock Bottom String Band recently invaded Kid in the Background Studios in Beckley WV for this edition of the Prince Street Sessions. Rock Bottom String Band played an amazing set the night before at Melody’s, a favorite Downtown Beckley live music venue. Bassist...

Snake Charmer Reel

Old Time Feelin’


Long Point String Band

Beauty can be discovered in the least likely of places. Even through the darkest of night, occasionally, we see a ray of light that illuminates our lives. For instance, I met Hunter Walker at a funeral, where the room was filled with sadness over the loss of a loved one, and the humming of...

Burn, Burn, Burn

Pray For Beckley


Heavy Set Paw Paws

While purveying the security of West Virginia’s back porch, grime-rockers Tyler Evans, Kati Grimmett, Drew Basharah, Chris  Oxley, and David Gravely decided they wanted to tell the story of the “old snake that got a hold of us all.” This caravan of wacky musicians, hailing from the often...

Kick Rocks

Real. Raw. Low Down.


Husky Burnette

Times is hard, and pleasures are few in 2016.  The economy is in the tank; politicians are bickering with one another; and it’s easier to find an albino alligator than a job in the south.  But, as the old adage goes:  You gotta suffer to sing the blues.  Brian ‘Husky’ Burnette’s gritty southern style of blues conjures the spirit of folks who had a rough day meeting at the juke joint to blow off some steam.   Husky’s tour brought him thru Beckley in December, so we asked him to drop by Kid In The Background to shoot a new episode for the Prince Street Sessions.  Turns out he’s been hard at work on a...


WV Nu-Grass Revival


The Kind Thieves

The Kind Thieves have come a long way in a short time.  When they arrived at the Kid In The Background studio in 2014 as a duo, they went by the monicker Noah Forgot the Whale.  Cody Perkins and Colby Elswick (Curses / Motion Theatre) recorded a five song demo, and started booking shows in...

Story Slingers

Tall Tales & More


The Boatmen

Have you ever met one of those guys – you know, one of thoooose guys – who can’t let you finish a story because he’s so eager to one-up it? Everyone meets a person fabricates strings of history in order to weave together a tighter life story. Our best good buddy, Matt Mullins of The Boatmen, encounters these folks so often that he’s developed his own classification for their personality type: “Story Slingers”.  In this submission to the Prince Street Sessions, Mullins has penned a his own tall tale, full of hilarity and heartbreak in an effort to draw awareness to the plight of the constantly...

Run Johnny Run

Fast as Greased Lightning


Joe's Truck Stop

After meeting the full band in Morgantown earlier this year, the crew at KITB became instant fans of Joe’s Truck Stop. These fellas combine lightning fast picking with precision, just so they can layer on insightful lyrics waxing on topics such as being the ‘head of the Corn Bread...

Walk This Earth

Johnny & June 2015


Urban Pioneers

We get calls from folks all the time looking to sing for some supper, and hang their hats in Beckley WV for an evening.  A few months back, our best-good-buddy Stagger Lee contacted us about a show he was promoting at Schmitt’s Saloon in Morgantown WV.  Ol’ Stag pulled together some of the finest musicians from the Muddy Roots circuit for his first annual An Evening of Sin.  We went to shoot some video for the event, and bumped into our friends from The Urban Pioneers, who were looking to pick up a date for the final leg of their tour.   We’d seen Jarred and Liz, the duo that make up the core of the Urban Pioneers, when they accompanied...

Devil In Her Eyes

Kansas “Thrashicana”


The Calamity Cubes!

The KITB “Sunday Funday” event series is turning into a thing!  It all started with Pig Skin & Sin in 2013, and continues to get better each time. The Calamity Cubes! stopped thru for our latest installment, and brought their best good buddy Billy Cook along for the journey.  I made a deal with Joey that they could crash at the studio in exchange for some private pickin’ in our favorite room in the house…. He agreed, and what your about to see is the culmination of years of hard work, hard livin’, and what Joey described to us as “Good Medicine”.     Thanks to the Cubes! and Billy Cook...

Country Livin

Utah Outlaw


Lorin Walker Madsen

The KITB crew heads up to Foster’s Main St. Tavern one fall evening… lookin’ to wash away the day’s frustrations with an icy pint.  Once inside, we stumbled upon the nomadic outlaws from none other than the beautiful state of Utah.  The leader of this rowdy crew...

Human Spirit

Live Acoustic from Jamaica!



Our good friend Lenval Jarret ( aka Ras Shayar ) has graced stages all over the world while touring with Reggae legend Burning Spear, or his own outfit Krooshal Force. Shayar made the long trek from Jamaica to our hometown of Beckley WV almost a decade ago. Over that time span we have worked...

In the Morning

Original Music from WV



This Prince Street Session was no happy coincidence. We very much wanted to get Shea to the studio, and we very politely twisted their arm until they performed one of our favorite songs for us. “In The Morning” from their album There We Were, Here We Are is a beautiful story of perseverance inspired by a news interview with a man rebuilding after a hurricane. Taylor Shea’s poignant lyrics and haunting melodies combined with the astounding musicianship in the band created one of our most memorable sessions to date.   After the performance was released, the band was so pleased with the recording that they included the live performance on...

Drag The River

WV Holler-Core!!!


Fabulous Brothers Steele

Justin and Ricky Steele are WV’s original outlaw bandits. Their band – THE FABULOUS BROTHERS STEELE – are responsible for creating a unique sound that captures somber ‘murder ballad’ style of old country / folk, wraps it up in a punk rock box, and ties a barb wired bow tie around it. Before their show in town – with local foot stompers HellBound HonkyTonk – Fab Steele stopped by the @KITBMedia studio to drop an acoustic version of their tune “Drag The River” for this episode of the Prince Street Sessions.  We set out to prove that Ricky is the best drummer…. in the building…....

Another Bottle

Farmageddon Records


Filthy Still

How a crew of punk rock road dogs from Rhode Island got into banjo music, we may never know.  We certainly don’t give a damn.  Filthy Still combine Scruggs style banjo pickin’ with driving force to carry lyrics about an array of interesting topics:  Debaucherous trips across the Mexican border, the concept that the earth is a spinning pile of dino-poo, or just plain sinning.     We got the word the boys were passing thru to promote their latest record on the Farmageddon Records imprint.  Filthy Still had been on a playlist in the office for quite some time, so we were more than happy to help them pick up some shows in...

Shady Grove

Canada + WV = Oh Dear!!


Murray Jowett & Leeroy Greene

  Every year over 3,000 people from all over the world  converge on Camp Washington Carver in Clifftop, WV to experience the clandestine Appalachian String Band Music Festival , or ‘Clifftop’ as the regulars call it.  More than a “festival”, it’s a gathering of ‘Old Time’ family.  Folks literally wander camp to camp looking for the next opportunity to play music with a friend, old or new.  The highlight of the festival is, in NO way, the competition segment at week’s end…although it is an opportunity to hear some of the world’s greatest instrumentalists.  The highlight is...

Too Close To Heaven

German “Keller Gospel”


The Dad Horse Experience

Dad Horse Experience is a one-of-a-kind one-man-band.  It’s not every day that you bump into ‘A gospel preaching, banjo plucking outsider artist from Bremen, Northern Germany who howls “turn the shit into gold!” as his saving grace.’  The crew at KITBmedia had the pleasure of meeting Dad Horse Ottn several years back when booking shows for a local venue.  Ottn and his  one-man-band The Dad Horse Experience came to preach the”Keller Gospel”  in Beckley WV, along with his long time friend Slate Dump.  Ol’ Dad needed a spot to crash, and @KITBmedia offered a couch at the office, in exchange for...

Aint No Grave

Missouri & Boston Delta Blues


Molly Gene One Whoaman Band

Molly Gene One Whoaman Band is sure to impress on so many levels…. I mean, it’s just NUTS!  You typically wouldn’t figure a young lady from Missouri would be into the blues to begin with.  If she was into the blues, she surely wouldn’t play slide guitar like a champ, right?  But, if she did play slide, there’s NO WAY she could provide her own rhythm section by playing a custom rig made by Farmer Foot Drums… right?!  (each assumption made in the previous paragraph was strictly for context…play them blues ladies 🙂     Molly and crew spent some time at the Kid In The Background studio in...

All With You

Beckley WV Legends!


The Boatmen

The Boatmen have been a staple of the Beckley music scene for quite some time, even before they were The Boatmen.  After previous endeavors, Every Other Tuesday and Old School Abbey came to an end, a last minute booking found this crew in Fayetteville WV ready to perform at the whitewater...

Eleven Eleven

Indie Rockers from Beckley WV


Motion Theatre

Motion Theatre stops by the studio at Kid In The Background to perform an acoustic version of their single Eleven/Eleven for the first installment of @KITBMedia Prince Street Sessions.  Be sure to pick up their album The Convalescing on iTunes, CD Baby, and BandCamp…as well as follow on Facebook.  Next Spotify be sure and listen to Motion Theatre – Eleven Eleven. You can’t talk about Southern WV’s music scene without mentioning Motion Theatre.  The crew at Kid In The Background have been great friends with most of the guys from Motion Theatre for years.  As a matter of fact, the genius quintet were friends of the Kid before...

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